From Vicky Desourdy, Owner

Covering the way you live, eat, and entertain, Lane Blu carries a diverse assortment of home, kitchen, work and health inventory with a broad array of samples and collections — creating enough of a feast for the senses and emotions you’re sure to develop an attraction to something you were missing.Modern retail approaches with an old-skool customer service model and an affinity for trying to make people smile ground us. From bed linens and bath towels, to kitchen woks and tablescape elements, we are always on the lookout for a cross-section of quality crafted items that are as unique as the people in the community we call home here in Eastern North Carolina.Our customers have an eye for finery and luxury, but are also savvy shoppers who — all things considered equal — will take extra steps to get the best price, especially when it comes to more well-known tried-and-true brands. Guests-come-friends appreciate our hand-selected finds with great attention to detail, packaging, wrapping, and a quest for an overall “fun” shopping experience.Come find you at Lane Blu. We’ve got happy beautiful things old and new and more than a few that are blue.

Vickie Desourdy

Meet our team! We are a growing business with lots of exciting things keeping us on our toes. We are expanding our Lane Blu Brand to include our Lane Blu Rooftop Restaurant and Blu Boutique. 

We are looking forward to the opening of Lane Blu Rooftop Restaurant. We will be bringing the “world” table to Washington. We are hoping to be open by summer! Stay tuned for all the details!

Team Lane Blu